October 26

Top 3 Reasons Why Some Fort Myers Florida Homes Don’t Sell And How To Fix The Problem


You’ve heard that Fort Myers Florida Homes sellers are experiencing a seller’s market. There are more people looking for homes in this area than homeowners wanting to sell.

That means every house that’s offered will sell quickly and for top dollar, right? No, that isn’t the case. Even in a hot seller’s market, some homes will remain unsold.

Homes in both Lee County and Collier County fail to sell for 3 primary reasons:

  • The Price
  • The Pictures
  • The Sellers

THE PRICE: Buyers want to buy, but they don’t want to pay more than market value. Today’s buyers are well-informed. They’ve been looking at homes on line and comparing them perhaps for weeks before choosing the homes they want to see.

So, if a house is badly overpriced, they aren’t interested. Yes, they can always make a much lower offer, but many prefer not to get involved in what they see as a hassle.

In addition, even if the buyers are willing, their bank won’t be willing. If they’re getting a home mortgage loan to buy a house, it will have to appraise for at least the amount of the loan.

THE PICTURES: Because more than 90% of all home buyers begin their search on line, the pictures your agent posts are of vital importance. The descriptions he or she writes make a difference, but it’s the pictures that catch buyers’ eyes and cause them to stop and learn more.

Unless an agent is a talented real estate photographer, he or she should hire a professional for this task. It is THAT important.

THE SELLERS: That might sound strange, but sometimes home sellers are their own worst enemies.  They can prevent a home from selling in several ways:

  • Insisting on a too-high price
  • Refusing to do clean-up, fix-up, and de-cluttering
  • Making no effort to have the house clean and ready when buyers arrive
  • Refusing to vacate the house while it is being shown
  • Limiting days and hours when the house can be shown
  • Refusing to negotiate

Whether we’re in a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market, homes sell faster and for more money when homeowners and their agents work together, each doing their part.

When you choose me to bring your home to market, I’ll show you the true market value, make the house look its best online, and work with you every step of the way.

If you’d like to learn about my marketing plan, just get in touch. I’d love to talk with you.


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