May 24

How to help your Southwest Florida agent sell your home


As you probably all ready know, when you list your Southwest Florida home, your agent will compose a description regarding it to accompany the photos as well as statistical details in the Multiple Listing Service.

This story goes along with the listing to loads of Internet realty sites where it can be discovered by prospective home buyers.

You can help your agent sell your home by providing him or her with “details” to include in that narrative.

What sort of inside information?

Things like what you like most around residing in your home. The characteristics you delight inmost – as well as why.

Is it the early morning sun coming in the cooking area window? Could it be the night breeze through the garden when you BBQ?

Perhaps it’s the convenience of having a big pantry or workspace in the cooking area.

Then think back to the reasons why you acquired that house. It seemed excellent for you somehow – or perhaps several reasons. Tell your agent those reasons.

Talk with others in your family about what they’ll miss out on concerning your home and about characteristics they wish will certainly also be present in your next house.

Remember anyone can look at a house and see the characteristics but only someone who has lived in the house can add those emotional attributes to it.

While you are at it make sure to include what you love most about your community.

It could be the sense of community, the way others care for their homes, the convenient location, or? Only you know the answer!

Make certain to write down your thoughts so you don’t miss out on any kind of details when showing to your agent or broker

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